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The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) offers an unique research-based education of international standing.

Established in 1945, it has built a solid national funding base and is prominently ranked internationally. AHO awards three Master’s degrees in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Design, as well as a PhD programme.

In its education, the school follows a studio-based model with a faculty-to-student ratio that encourages individual development and collaboration. The school has approximately 650 students.
Center for design research at AHO carries out research in areas of design inquiry and practice of diverse fields of design; interaction, product, service and architecture. With a strong determination to serve the industry and public sector in knowledge building and innovation action, several research groups and initiatives targeting sector needs are established. Design for public sector (DOT) is one of the groups that are conducting research supporting service design in the public sector. The group works on a range of themes and projects, among these C3 Centre for connected care (SFI) hosted by Oslo University Hospital with 18 partners from the public sector, industry and research. Three PhDs are currently working on this project at the moment.

AHO: Product
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