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Designit is a global strategic design firm. We design product-service experiences, making business transformation happen.

Designit focuses on three major themes that define our future: Future Citizens, Smarter Living, and Healthier Lives. Our global expertise in experience-driven design delivers solutions that are grounded in human needs and desires and driven by our proven strategic design process. An essential part of that process is the cross-pollination of insights between projects that are often very different, yet united by these themes. Findings from a digital project with senior citizens in Japan can improve the implementation of a healthcare project in Norway - as they both focus on smarter living and healthier lives. Reaching beyond sectors, disciplines, and borders, we bring together the best people to create solutions for the future.

Designit has extensive experience working with healthcare. In all service design processes, co-creating value is key. Either for improving breast cancer diagnostics, enabling better support for teenagers with mental health challenges, or when researching the effects of welfare technology. We are always inclusive in our approaches and involve nurses, doctors and administrators, together with patients, their families and caregivers. The goal is to create ownership in the partnerships, processes and also in the solutions. 

We are happy to be taking part in the Cluster for Co-Creative Service Design and Innovation, and we are looking forward to supporting a safe space for learning from each other. It is an honor to take part in growing the potential of co-designing for healthcare services in Norway.

Designit: Product
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