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  • Anne Karen Aanonli/SINTEF

Kick-off workshop

The CCSDI cluster was created in 2017, with funding from the Norwegian Research Council HELSEVEL program. In November, the network members gathered for the first time for a two day kick-off workshop in Trondheim.

Picture: Babak Farshchian

Picture 1: Workshop participants.

The main purpose of the workshop was to meet and get to know each other. Representatives from all 17 partners were present. Each partner had prepared a short presentation about who they were, what they thought they would be able to contribute with and their expectations of the cluster.

Additionally, the workshop aimed at exploring central terms and definitions for the network. The goal was to define topics for further research. The workshop participants collaborated in groups, through co-design techniques. The discussions focussed on opportunities and challenge, topics of interest, experience and knowledge-gaps.

Picture 2 and 3: Some of the workshop results.

In addition to the co-creation sessions, three experts from the cluster gave a presentation. Cathrine Einarsson from Live Work talked about: "A perspective on Service Design". Liz Sanders at MakeTools talked about: "A perspective on Co-Creation". Tor Åm form St. Olavs hospital talked about: "A perspective on Service Innovation in a health care".

After the workshops, the results were analysed and grouped by the representatives from SINTEF and NTNU. This analysis resultet in the identification of four themes of interest:

1. The patient as a participant in the service innovation process 2. The patient as a co-producer in health care 3. The co-creational multidisciplinary team 4. Integrating service design with the health care sector

We had a great time meeting all the partners and look forward to the next workshop, which will be in November 2018.

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