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  • Carlijn Vis / SINTEF

CCSDI conference - June 5, 2019 @DOGA, Oslo

After two workshops with the CCSDI members, we are now preparing our next event; The first CCSDI conference. The CCSDI conference will be open to everyone who is interested in Service design, Co-creation and Innovation in the healthcare sector.

We have gathered a multidisciplenary group of speakers, with people with a background in health services, in design, as well as research. Each of them working with service design and co-creation for the healthcare sector.

During the conference we will present service design from their different perspectives: What experiences do providers of healthcare services have with service design? Which methods have designers used to realise co-creative design processes? And what do researchers see as benefits of service design for healthcare innovation?

Interested? Have a look at the conference program!

Tickets can be bought via Hoopla.

More information can be found on CCSDI's Facebook-page.

Please note that the conference will be held in Norwegian.

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