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  • Carlijn Vis / SINTEF

CCSDI workshop 2 - How to co-create patient pathways for the future?

On November 21-22, twenty-six members gathered for a second workshop session. They represented twelve partner associations from the CCSDI cluster.

Whereas the first workshop focussed on getting to know the different partners in the network and finding shared topics of interest related to Service design, Co-creation and Innovation in the healthcare sector, this second workshop focused on a specific topic: How to co-create patient pathways for the future?

The program was devided in three sections which addressed this topic from a different perspective; Language & Communication, Visualisation, and Service Innovation Labs.

Theme 1: Language and Communication

The first presentation was given by a guest: Heidi Gilstad, Associate Professor, Dept.of Language and Literature, NTNU talked about Language and Communication in Patient Pathways.

Heidi Gilstad's presentation was followed by a workshop session in which the CCSDI partners worked in groups to discuss language use, and challenges in the network.

Next, two partners from the CCSDI network presentet a case, addressing language and communcation challenges and how they handle these. Heidi Blengsli Aabel, CEO, CheckWare AS talked about how CheckWare works with digital patient involvement.

Tom Anders Stenbro, Advisor, the Norwegian Cancer Society talked about a holistic patient pathway in cancer treatment.

These two practical examples were followed by a presentation of Ole Andreas Alsos, Head of Department. Dept.of Design, NTNU. This guest lecturer talked about Why Visuals can Improve Information to Patients. His presentation formed a nice bridge to the second theme.

Theme 2: Visualization CCSDI partner Elizabeth B. Sanders, President MakeTools and Associate professor, Dept. Design, Ohio State University kicked-off the second session with a presentation about Co-design toolkits for visualizing healthcare experiences.

Her presentaion was followed by a presentation by Anita Das & Hanne E.Thomassen, Dept. Health, SINTEF Digital, who discussed examples of visualization techniques in service design projects in healthcare. After this presentation the CCSDI partners gathered for a second workshop session. The first workshop day was closed of by another guest: Hilde Færevik, Senior Scientist, Dept. Health, SINTEF Digital talked about Possibilities in the EU-Program. Hilde Færevik was invited as the CCSDI cluster aims to support collaboration between its partners, through shared research projects.

Theme 3: Service Innovation Labs On Thursday morning, the focus lied on Service Innovation Labs. One CCSDI partner and three guest speakers gave short presentations about their view on, and experience with Service Innovation Labs.

  • Jonathan Romm, Designer Halogen/PhD-student AHO

  • Cecilie Campbell, Leader ALV Møre and Romsdal

  • Brit Krøvel, Leader Centre for Development of Institutional and Home Care Services.

  • Dag Svanæs, Professor, Department of Computer Science, NTNU

Ather the lunch, another CCSDI partner, Sigrid Nakrem, Professor, Dept. of Public Health and Nursing, NTNU, gave a presentation on possibilities for and expeirences with student participation in service design and innovation projects.

Followed by a presentation from CCSDI partner Heidi Wang, CEO NOEN AS on Partnership as next practice in health innovation.

CCSDI Strategy The last part of the two day workshop allowed participants to engage in group discussions on activities and milestones for 2019.

We look back on two interesting and instructive days, where we got to know eachother better and learned much from each others experiences.with co-creation and service innovation, focussed on patients pathways.

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