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Justin Kennedy-Good: Establishing a Design Team Inside a Hospital

On January 20, 2022 the Cluster for Co-Creative Service Design and Innovation organised a 'Digital Inspiration Day' about Design in Healthcare. This digital seminar featured various international speakers, addressing service design, innovation and systems oriented design in healthcare.

Justin Kennedy-Good spoke about Establishing a Design Team Inside a Hospital.

Justin Kennedy-Good from Ara Manawa, Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand

Justin Kennedy-Good is the Director of Ara Manawa at Auckland City Hospital. He holds a history and commerce degree from Victoria University, Wellington New Zealand. Having left the government owned ‘Kiwibank’ in 2009 with a Lean Six Sigma skill set, Justin has held a range of portfolios at Auckland hospital, including the set-up of a production planning team, supporting lean and design in ward refurbishments, co-directing the Design for Health and Wellbeing Lab venture with AUT and now directing Ara Manawa.

Ara Manawa is a small interdisciplinary design team employed at Auckland City Hospital, Aotearoa, New Zealand. The team have a research and innovation focus, re-imagining how care is delivered. The goal of Ara Manawa is to improve the experience of patients, whānau, and clinicians through re-imagining the spaces, systems, stuff and activity of staff involved in the delivery of health care. In addition to offering in-house design capability, Ara Manawa connects to the local research and innovation eco-system outside the hospital. Ara Manawa offer meaningful problems for students, researchers and industry to solve. Ara Manawa work with a range of capabilities outside design, including bio-engineering, Architecture, Business, and Creative Writing.

The video of Justin's presentation can be viewed here:

More information about the entire program of the Digital Inspiration Day and other speakers can be found here:

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