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  • Carlijn Vis, SINTEF

Peter Jones: Design of Health Services

On January 20, 2022 the Cluster for Co-Creative Service Design and Innovation organised a 'Digital Inspiration Day' about Design in Healthcare. This digital seminar featured various international speakers, addressing service design, innovation and systems oriented design in healthcare.

The title of Peter Jones' presentation is 'Can We Design Health Services as Systems Expressing Values of Care?'.

Peter Jones from OCAD University, Toronto.

Peter Jones is an associate professor of systemic design at OCAD University, Toronto where he teaches in  the Strategic Foresight and Innovation and Design for Health MDes programs. He is a co-founder of the Systemic Design Association, the Bounce Beyond organisation for next economies, and the Flourishing Enterprise Institute, a research community of practice formed around sustainable business models and policy design. 

Peter leads innovation research in new economies, cultural sustainability, healthcare system design, and complex social system design through OCAD University and his innovation research firm, the Redesign Network. His books include Design for Care and, in 2022, Design Journeys through Complex Systems with Kristel Van Ael.

Peter Jones published Design for Care in 2013 proposing a vision of the near future of healthcare as continuous innovation improving clinical workflow and patient care centered around the empowerment and respect of the patient as an inherently healthy person. The idea of the “health seeker” was suggested as an ennobling image that might replace the passive identity of the patient, and this identity could inspire new scenarios for how services might improve outcomes and reduce costs in the system by enrolling the patient, not as a customer or consumer of service, but as a co-creator in their everyday practices that contribute to better health and self-management. Many of these ideas have yet to be realized in healthcare design, as the most prevalent Western models of healthcare have become medically-centered, financially managed, and treat the patient as “consumers with problems.” We know from the general practice disciplines of medicine, such as family medicine and nursing, that actual human care and health education are powerful motivators for individual health agency. How might health design build upon these positive agencies of the health seeker in new models of systemic design for health services?

The video from Peter Jones' presentation can be viewed here:

More information about the program of the Digital Inspiration Day and other speakers can be found here:

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