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  • Carlijn Vis, SINTEF

Welcome to the release of the CoReflect Toolkit

We welcome you to the release of the CoReflect Toolkit Tuesday March 15, at 15:00 (CET).

The CoReflect toolkit is created by the Cluster for Co-Creative Service Design and Innovation (CCSDI).

The toolkit contains of cards to evaluate co-creative and collaborative sessions. The aim is collaborative reflection and feedback of participating in such sessions, where we get feedback and insight to participants' perspectives and experiences. By using the toolkit you can improve future co-creative work and become a better facilitator, leader, and designer.

The CoReflect-toolkit has been developed to improve service design processes in healthcare, but the tools are just as useful to evaluate any other co-creative activities.

The toolkit can be used in a variety of ways, and in the webinar you will get an intro to the tools, the story and backdrop of the design process, as well as discussions of use.


- Welcome to the release of the CoReflect Toolkit / Anita Das, SINTEF & Marikken Høiseth, NTNU

- The making of the CoReflect Toolkit / Liz Sanders, Ohio St.University and Maketools inc. & Jonathan Romm, Halogen/AHO

- Show & tell of the toolkit / Demah Alsinan, SINTEF

- Mini break-out discussion / Silje Bøthun, SINTEF

- Q&A about the CoReflect Toolkit / Anita Das, SINTEF

Participation in the webinar is free of charge.

Please follow this link to register for the event:

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