Livework was founded in 2001 in London because we believed that people deserved better services and that design had a key role to play. We have pioneered the application of service design in public and private sectors with a mission to create impact for customers and businesses.

Livework was established in London in 2001 as the first service design company in the world. Since the startup, we have delivered over 1000 projects with both large international brands, exciting new establishments and public actors at home and abroad. In Livework, we have a strong commitment to contribute to better and more efficient public- and healthcare services. In 2008, Livework, together with the Norwegian Design Council, introduced service design to the Norwegian health service. Since then, we have had a lot of experience and we have had extensive experience working with different facets of healthcare, as well as other public services. 

This has given us profound insight into the operation and organisation of public services and a strong understanding of the barriers and success factors that characterise innovation in the public sector. Throughout our work, we have gained respect and understanding of the complexities of public services, low-cost IT solutions, complex organisational structures and culture. Furthermore, we believe that the designer can play an important part in creating good solutions that are sustainable and viable in this reality, and strongly believe in the design role of facilitating innovation and improvement processes in the public and municipal sectors.



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