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CCSDI  conferences

CCSDI organizes conferences to disseminate knowledge about how service design and co-creation can contribute to service innovation in the health and care sector.

On this page you will find a short description of the past CCSDI conferences with links to the conference pages, where you can find more information about the program, the speakers, and the (video) files of the presentations. 

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CoReflection - Reflections on Service Design, Methods and Innovation in Health       
June 2nd,  2022 @DOGA, Oslo

Welcome to CoReflection 2022 - the place for anyone interested in service design, innovation and health.
The third and final CCSDI-conference is a unique opportunity to hear about service design in health from different perspectives: Here, public health services, design agencies, service providers, research & development environments, and voluntary organisations meet. You will get to hear, discuss and reflect on service design, methods and innovations in health.

Digital Inspiration Day       January 20th,  2022

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This year CCSDI invites to a Digital Inspiration Day about Design in Healthcare; a 3-hour webinar. Various international speakers, from all around the world; New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and Norway,  speak about Service design, Co-design and Systems Design in healthcare, and showcase some example projects. 

The event is relevant for anyone interested in healthcare and service design, innovation and systems oriented design.


From Crisis to Creativity - How people, healthcare & societies respond to global disruptions, and the impact for future solutions.       
November 2nd,  2020 Dokkhuset, Trondheim

About half a year after the pandemic outbreak of the Covid-19-virus, various CCSDI-partners share their experiences and thoughts on how the pandemic had urged them to change and what they have learned from this. This second CCSDI-conference was organized as a hybrid-conference.

A multidisciplinary group of speakers from various sectors spoke at the event; health services, business, volunteering, university, and the research sector were represented. Each of them working with service design and co-creation for the healthcare sector. 

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Service design in health - How do we
co-create the solutions of the future?  

June 5th, 2019 DOGA, Oslo

The first CCSDI conference is themed Service Design in Healthcare and is held at DOGA, Oslo on June 5th, 2019.

We have gathered a multidisciplinary group of speakers, with people with a background in health services, in design, as well as research. Each of them working with service design and co-creation for the healthcare sector.

During the conference we present service design from their different perspectives: What experiences do providers of healthcare services have with service design? Which methods have designers used to realize co-creative design processes? And what do researchers see as benefits of service design for healthcare innovation?

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